A collection of ready-to-use role playing game resources

Role Playing Game Resources


RPG Resources

The following are role playing game resources for game masters. They are tagged, searchable, and ready to use in your games. We offer resource for free, but you can also support us by buying the downloadable Game Organization Cards for $0.99.



NPCs & Characters

"The tavern is filled with unsavory characters, scoundrels, and thieves."
"I talk to one of the thieves--'Hail, friend. What is your name?'"

The following is a library of non-player characters, NPCs, and people your players might meet along their adventure. Each comes with a short flavor-text description, motivations, and character traits so you can bring them alive. Use any elements you like in your role playing games.

Enter a description, race, job, or trait... ex. thief, halfling, barkeep, creepy.




Locations & Descriptions

"You enter a dark cavern, and as your eyes adjust to the light, you begin to see what it looks like..."

The following is a library of descriptions for towns, buildings, dungeons, and other scenes and settings. Make your world come alive by introducing scenes with these vivid flavor-text snippets. Each scene includes a short description to be read aloud and may include suggestions for traps, dangers, and rewards for exploration.

Enter a setting or location... ex. dark cave, noble's home, dwarven city, blue dragon's lair.




Challenges, Traps & Puzzles

The following are traps, puzzles, riddles, and skill challenges for your players to overcome. They are provided with vivid descriptions, system-agnostic 'win' conditions, or failure consequences.

Enter a type of trap, puzzle, or challenge... ex. pit trap, sphinx's riddle, climbing challenge.